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The welding department is able to repair castings weighing up to 10,000 lbs. with oxy/acetylene fusion welding or electric arc welding using Ferro Nickel Alloys. We can also offer brazing and cold stitching where appropriate. Quality control is done on all castings using a Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant inspection and Hydro pressure testing prior to and after repairs are completed. Our aluminum shop does production welding for multi piece jobs. 


Oxy/acetylene fusion welding or electric arc welding using Ferro Nickel Alloys.

Bit's and Downhole Tools

Bit manufacturing, repair, including in-house facilities for hardfacing and brazing in PDC cutters, grinding ID and OD and finishing capabilities. 

Hot Welding

We are one of the few remaining companies that still have capabilities to repair cast iron by fusion welding. High pressure repairs are not achievable using standard methods.


Small steel and aluminum fabrication jobs.  We make one of a kind or do multi piece jobs. We ensure the highest standards of excellence on each piece we produce. 


Our manufacturing department does one of a kind custom machining and prototypes as well as production CNC work of 10 – 10000. We take your design from concept to completion.


We offer pattern and foundry work for multi run castings large and small.

Sand Casting and Investment Casting in Grey Iron, Ductile Iron,

  Steel, Stainless Steel

and Aluminum     

Hot welding video :

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